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About Academies

The United Way Born Learning Academy covers proven tips, tools and resources to help families take a more active role in preparing their children for kindergarten.These free workshops are for parents and caregivers of children, from birth to age five. For United Ways, it’s a low-cost investment in family engagement and school readiness, without having to create a new curriculum. Wherever you are in your early education work, the Born Learning Academy can add momentum, help leverage partnerships and deepen your community impact work.

Through a series of six workshops held in local schools, the Born Learning Academy provides families and caregivers with practical, user-friendly ideas to turn everyday activities into learning moments.

The Born Learning Academy can do more than strengthen your community’s school readiness efforts—it can also help your school partners engage families before kids start kindergarten. Founded on an evidence-based curriculum established by early childhood faculty at Northern Kentucky University, the workshops are led by trained professionals—usually teachers, principals or other education staff.

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