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Tools For Parents

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Tools for Parents

These tip and fact sheets can help you and your family take advantage of everyday learning moments. Learning happens all the time! Download the resources to learn more about sleep habits, how to encourage reading, understanding feelings, and more.

Your Child @ Birth to 5 Series

This ages and stages series includes 11 fact sheets for children from birth to age 5.

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Everyday Learning Moments

These resources can help parents to understand and set routines for their children. The 10 tip sheets in this series cover topics like: making reading fun, understanding feelings, fun and games with songs, activities for dad, sleep diary, and much more.

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Fact Sheets

This series includes full-color magazine-style layouts that feature information, questions and answers and recommendations on topics ranging from sleep habits to developing manners.

What Type of Child Care Mothers and Fathers Differ Role Might Parents Play What is Intelligence Recognize Child Illness Play Encourage Literacy Develop Manners Understanding Children Sleep Habits Stages of Sleep
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