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How to Organize a Literacy Kit Event

United Ways can tailor the experience of creating literacy kits to fit the interests and needs of volunteers as well as beneficiaries – the schools, organizations or individuals and families who receive the kits. This resource includes key steps in the organization process. Read More

Assembly Instructions for Volunteers

Volunteers should be provided written and oral instructions for what is to be included in the kit. Written instructions could be laminated to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Sample assembly instructions are below:

  1. Read the book individually or as a group to identify key themes or possible prop ideas.
  2. Assemble, decorate and label your kit by indicating the title and author of the book on the kit.
  3. Personalize the kit: on the bottom of each kit, write your first name and the U.S. state (or city and country) you represent.
  4. Determine 1-2 crafts/props (e.g. a character, item or theme from the book) you will make to supplement the story and create additional learning opportunities.
  5. Construct your items using suggestions and craft supplies provided.
  6. Create more activities or props if you have time and supplies.
  7. If you finish early, use available card stock to write an encouraging note to a young reader.
  8. When finished with all of your props and/or note, place them, and any other items you plan to include in your completed kit.
Mother and Son Reading Together