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What we heard…

“The Born Learning Academy materials are fantastic resources for parents. The resources at the academies help parents to be their child's first and best teacher and help them prepare their child to enter kindergarten and be successful. The facilitators of the program LOVE the curriculum and are always so excited to provide such great resources to the families involved in Born Learning."

United Way of the Quad Cities Area

"The Born Learning Academy materials have been extremely helpful and the parents really enjoy them. Of special note was the shopping list with activities and tips we handed out at our last session, the parents thought this was the greatest idea. All of the materials are very professional and give a lot of concrete next steps parents can use at home after the session."

United Way of Northern New Jersey

"We were pleased with the Born Learning Academy materials - we actually presented this in our Alternative High School with four young moms or about-to-be moms and one dad. We were pleased with the program and are anxious to expand our offering of the class with more young parents. After all, we have to break some of the cycles and these parents are our target population.The students have all given us rave reviews of the class but mostly they were just happy to find that somebody cared about them."

United Way of Wells County

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