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These resources for parents include various fact and tip sheets with topics ranging from ages and stages to daily learning moments. United Ways have successfully engaged families using these resources because they allow for basic information sharing, as well as the beginning of a conversation with families and community-serving organizations.


As you plan your distribution, think about where your target families go. Where do they shop, work, play or pray? Where can you connect that parent with Born Learning materials or messages? It’s especially critical to work with other groups and agencies in the community who are already communicating with families – they may be able to print a piece or two of Born Learning material at their expense and fold it into their existing outreach efforts. 


For example, the county health department could print/distribute one piece to county health clinics. The local hospital may be able to include a piece on infant development in its new parent packets. The local Child Care Resource & Referral agency can send copies to child care centers for their use and/or distribution to parents. 


As you think through potential distribution sites, think of your material distribution as a conversation with parents, grandparents and caregivers. In some places, it’s a one-way conversation: you place materials where you know parents go. In other places, it’s a two-way conversation: you work with trusted advisors like child care providers or pediatricians to include Born Learning messages and materials into their interactions. That could mean displaying material at a child care center or doctor’s office (like the Your Child @ series) and asking the center directors or doctors to use the pieces in their work with parents. 


Recommended distribution partners:

  • Local health department
  • Social service agencies and professionals working with families
  • Childcare professionals and organizations
  • Websites
  • Events and workshops
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Faith-based locations
  • Laundromats
  • Retailers (grocery stores, coffee shops, department and discount stores, etc.)
  • Community centers
  • Ball parks
  • Major employers’ employee lounges/break rooms

Your Child@ Birth to 5 Series

This ages and stages series includes 11 fact sheets for children from birth to age 5. 

Download in English | Spanish


Everyday Learning Moments

These resources can help parents to understand and set routines for their children. The 10 tip sheets in this series cover topics like: making reading fun, understanding feelings, fun and games with songs, activities for dad, sleep diary, and much more.

Download in English | Spanish


Fact Sheets

This series include full-color magazine-style layouts that feature information, questions and answers and recommendations on topics ranging from sleep habits to developing manners.


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