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Includes tips and lessons from conducting community conversations.

  • The Community Café
    The Community Café, a strengths-based approach founded upon the principles of The World Café, sparks leadership to develop relationships necessary to strengthen families. The Community Café learning community web site offers tools, resources, contacts and a blog link to share your Café stories.
  • Goals, Challenges and Solutions: Tarrant County Speaks Out on Education
    United Way of Tarrant County’s community conversations on education report.
  • Voices for the Common Good: San Diego Speaks Out on Education
    United Way of San Diego County’s 2011 community conversations report is a comprehensive compilation of everyday San Diegans’ opinions and aspirations for their communities, for education and the challenges they see in helping our children reach their full potential.
  • Supporting the Education Pipeline: A Business Engagement Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations
    This online toolkit is designed to assist community leaders in creating beneficial and sustainable partnerships with business. It provides lessons on how community leaders can identify potential business partners, set realistic goals and create partnerships for long-term success to ensure that all youth are ready for college, work and life. Co-developed by United Way Worldwide, Corporate Voices for Working Families and the Workforce Strategy Center, you can access the full toolkit here.


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