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Getting the Word Out

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United Ways may not be able to saturate a community with messages urging action like the touch point marketing example, but you can “over communicate” with what you’ve got.

It’s a truism among political consultants that the average American voter has to see or hear a political ad 40 times before it sinks in. Instead of dashing off a press release, plot out a yearlong communications effort that leverages existing events and communications vehicles. How can you fold the reading theme into every donor relations, marketing, board and volunteer event? Is reading one of the themes of your year-round donor engagement? Will it be prominent in your workplace campaign? Is your Day of Action or Day of Caring focused on literacy? Look for ways to get the message out over and over again. Once you see what’s already on the table and how you can tweak it, then you can brainstorm for visible, fun ways to fill the messaging gap so that reading is a constant message over the entire year.

Learn about four tried-and-true communications approaches for getting the word out about your early grade reading communications effort:
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