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UWSF training is a good option for partner agencies that want to work more intensively on issues related to strengthening families. The intent is to build local capacity to carry out family strengthening work through training in the protective factors as a viable and positive way to reduce child abuse and neglect, and is sometimes carried out within a certification framework.

Before you get started with training people on UWSF you must have already achieved some level of buy-in, both in your United Way and in your community. The conversations that take place during the achieving buy-in process set the foundation for more intensive work. At the center of your UWSF training is the idea that by bringing people and organizations together through common goals we can reduce fragmentation of systems and services, provide policy guidance to decision-makers, and contribute to strong programs, services, schools, and communities.


As with much of UWSF, training is relationship-based and thus requires active listening and reflective methods. It's best to approach your community service providers and partners with trainings that connect the principles of the Strengthening Families framework to their existing strategies and work, instead of as an overhaul of what they are already doing. By demonstrating to your participants that Strengthening Families can be a complementary addition to their efforts, they are more likely to accept and incorporate the UWSF knowledge and principles offered in trainings.

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