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  1. Self-Assessment for Human Resources. A 10-15 minute assessment for company employees to assess if HR practices help build or enhance the protective factors (built around 7 strategies). Developed by the Black Child Development Institute, Atlanta Affiliate.
  2. Employer Toolkit Presentation. PowerPoint Presentation describing MAPS, its importance, components, and implementation.
  3. Company Profile Chart. A comprehensive tool to gather information on a particular business. DRAFT form that needs work before it can be distributed as part of the UWSF Toolkit.
  4. Employee Engagement: How to Measure It & What HR Can Do to Affect It. A PDF available on United Way online that makes the case for employee engagement.
  5. Sample MAPS Memorandum to Conduct a Workplace Needs Analysis. Customizable MOA outlining responsibilities and commitment of UW and partnered employer (and union rep, if applicable).
  6. Sample MAPS Flyer. Simple text and graphics that makes the case for MAPS with local data, program description, and how to enroll.
  7. Sample MAPS Resource Navigator Job Description. Easily customizable document describing the general duties and skills for a resource navigator.
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